Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lost we can help...

A couple of weeks ago this guy swings in looking for directions to the Kank. We helped in on his way and took a couple pix. of his sporty. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well, here we are in May and I still am running behind. Fuck this shity economy I have never had such a good spring. I don't know if you guys are saying fuck it I want to ride or if it is getting better out there for you all either way thank you for the support and staying local! Speaking of local remember to always shop local if you can, with out small business this country will fail worse then it has and as far as china goes until there is fair trade do not support any thing that supports them! Speaking of American Made check out Paul and Chris over at Buy American

Enough of that rant, look for the softail plate mounts and XL plate mount soon, all parts are at production now and will be in hopefully this month! We also have our new Speed Screws coming out for S&S B,D,E&G carbs. Nothing new just a better parts at a good price made here in NH. I will post images of all new parts plus have them on the store soon. Also coming in this month should be new apparel. We have two shirts coming out on is the flying wheel shirt the other is a new design that will be this years limited. This order will also me coming with hoodies so those of you that have been waiting a long time the end is near.

Laconia bike week is coming soon and we have been asked by a lot of people what we are doing this year. Well we don't know yet, the Limp Nickie lot may be happening at the Spoke and we may be there. I am waiting to hear from Lisa Ballard about it, we have a schedule conflict that week so if we are up it will only be the first half of the week.

Lastly contact us if you need service or custom work, we are always working very hard to put out the best work on cycles in the North East.