Monday, September 29, 2008

You lose these?

Riding the shovel to work on a lousy wet fall day, I find myself at a red light next to some chump in a Tundra. He's on the phone and he rolls his window up, looking over at me but not making eye contact. He starts inching up, anticipating the green light and I realize this dope intends to get the drop and race me.
The light turns green & he floors it, but by the time I'm in third gear he's behind me &  I give a nice little wave as I pass.
What makes people do this? What's to be gained by playing tough guy behind glass in the comfy confines of your truck? Can you imagine a manhood so diminished that it clings to this kind of fake confrontation as long as his cell & coffee are conveniently at hand?
Next time, do something that shows what's really inside you, because frankly this sort of behavior is about as tough as a Hello Kitty backpack.

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