Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sportster Hardtail

I am always seeing posts on forums about these, people always asking what to use. I will put in my two cents worth on the subject. If you need a hardtail for 79-03 or 04 and up talk to Pat at Ledsled. I have used one for a late model Ironhead and it was the nuts. It went on quick and easy looked good and worked good. Early Ironheads however are not as easy. The hardtails on the market are all very similar in price and look. I use ones you buy from V-Twin however the weld one versions of the kits are not as easy as weld and walk. You need to do a little fab to get the look and the strangth you want. Bolt on hardtails are easier for the home wrench but never look as nice. I sell all these hardtails mentioned above at my shop and am currently working on my own design. If you have a hardtail in mind for your sporty keep us in mind.

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