Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Action Alert

Take Action 01/07/2009 Action Alert - New Hampshire HB-95 is Bad News

House Bill 95, introduced by Rep. Judith Day (D-North Hampton), could have a profound impact on your motorcycle and your freedom to ride in the Granite State.

If enacted, HB-95 would:
- prohibit any and all motorcycle exhaust system modifications;
- prohibit all after-market equipment that replaces the muffler;
- require all motorcycles to be equipped with a tachometer;
- require all motorcycles to measure 95 dB(A) or less tested at 20 inches from the exhaust system at a 45 degree angle;
- and increase the fine to not more than $500 for a violation

If you believe this bill is ill-conceived and would have a chilling effect on motorcycling in New Hampshire, contact your state representative NOW and tell him or her so.

If you don't know who your state representative is, visit the "Who's My Legislator" area of the New Hampshire General Court website and select your hometown from the dropdown list. Then call, write, e-mail, fax and/or visit your representative to encourage their opposition to HB-95.

Talking points to keep in mind:
- not all motorcycles are equipped from the factory with tachometers
- unless administered by properly trained personnel with properly calibrated equipment, the sound level recorded may not represent the true sound level of the exhaust system
- an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) exhaust system may no longer be available or could be cost prohibitive for a wide range of motorcycles

There are other ways to reduce excessive exhaust sound from motorcycles. Clearly, HB-95 is a bad idea.

Share this information with your motorcycling friends. After all, if nobody speaks up, this legislation could easily become law soon.


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