Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New points covers

With any luck we should have our new covers in soon. I have been holding of putting up the pick of the mold but fuck it you people need to see this stuff. The plan is to do limited runs of these things each on being of some sick humor. This is our first it is the holy shit cover. Like I said they will be limited so keep your I out on the store page I don't see them lasting long. They will fit BT and Sporty 2 hole point covers. Made from cast aluminum by my partner in crime Nate (I will leave the last name out for security reasons). Also if anyone is looking for production casting with a handmade touch let me know this is something we have been working on and would like to get other shops on board with us.


Justin said...

I will take one for my 05' Sportster........When they are ready of course!

I would have just emailed you, but on your profiles, there was no contact info! Thanks for posting this Zach!!

Zach said...

Cool just remember on a sporty it will be sideways.