Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little How To

I remove the sludge trap cap with a impact and a large flat head screw driver bit. You may need to drill out the dimple next to the cap.
Here you see the 5/8 by 11 tap turned in to the trap tube. You may need to remove some of the sludge to get the tap in far enough. After it is threaded in you can run a nut down the tap which will act as a puller removing the tube. Remember the crank bolt must be installed when threading in the tap but remove it to pull out the tube. Be very carefull not to break the nut as it will be a bitch to remove and fix.
Here is a picture of the tube coming out.
Just some of the shit from the tube. It was plugged solid.
Make sure you clean the crank out as well as the tube. Put some time into it.

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