Monday, June 7, 2010

Laconia Bike Week

A lot of you have asked what the deal is for Laconia this year and I finally have the answer, NOTHING! Seriously we will be in the shop this year for the week, if you are in NH during that week we are 1.5 hours from Laconia and it can be a real nice ride so check us out. If you need help during that week and don't want to be porked by the local HD dealer call us. All week long we will have our bikes at the shop on display. So get out of the traffic jam and take a ride to Milford NH.

Other events worth checking out; Limp Nickie Lot should be at the Spoke, build off at the Lobster Pound (Acme Choppers will be there)
You may just see some of us at the L.N. lot still unknown...

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