Friday, August 19, 2011

Up and Running

Finally after a month and a half I have my computer set up at the new shop and we can start updating the blog again. A lot of shit has been going on around here this summer and I hope to put some of the action up for you guys to see. We have been finishing up some projects that just seem endless some times, also starting new ones. In the works we have some XS stuff going along with another ironhead project. The SugerBear pan is almost done fab! That bike is going to be the death of us, but when everything on it is hand made it takes a shit ton of time.
With the new location and bigger space we have been able to get going on the parts end of stuff. We have a new air cleaner coming out this winter that is killer, also our hardtail for XS650's are in stock and ready to ship! We have set up a nice frame jig that allows us to hardtail just about anything so if you are looking for something different please just call us. The new location also has a much nicer show room set up and we are stocking in more Biltwell items again along with other hard to find smaller shop items! Please stop up to see us!

Like I said earlier I am going to be posting pictures again of what is happening so please stop by the blog page for more frequent updates!

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